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Are You Struggling to Burn Stubborn Body Fat?

Get Ready to Unleash the Lava-Like Power of BURN and Throw Your Body Transformation Into Hyperdrive…

  • Stop Struggling… Start Burning Body-Fat Effortlessly
  • Annihilate Abdominal Fat (I)
  • Skyrocket Your Energy Levels (II)
  • Control Cravings & Suppress Your Appetite Naturally (III)
  • Harness the Rapid-Fire, Fat-Scorching Potential of Your Body’s Best Fat Burning Hormone, LEPTIN (IV)

Your fat is Freddy Krueger.

Or Michael Myers… Or Jason Voorhees…

No matter how many times you think you’ve killed your body fat through diet and exercise… it keeps coming back… stronger…

(and harder to destroy!)

The Secret to Slaying Body Fat Forever

Would you go into battle with any of those legendary horror monsters without a weapon?

Of course not.

So why try to slay the seemingly un-slayable beast that clings to your body 24/7 without any help?

Even if you eat clean, train hard, and sacrifice your favorite foods, fat loss is still difficult… and, keeping fat off forever is even harder.

Unless… you arm yourself with the ammo you need to literally melt the fat right off your body.

You have stubborn body fat. Maybe it’s your belly… or your arms… or your chest…

Diet and exercise alone are not going to get rid of them. You’ll end up starving yourself and training until your burned out and broken down.

But… what if you had a secret weapon – actually, 9-secret weapons in the form of potent Thermogenic Agents that work synergistically to attack your body fat from 3-key angles?

Introducing BURN’s Exclusive Triple Fat Melt Matrix, Guaranteed to Help You:

  • Rip Fat Directly From Your Cells
  • Incinerate Fat in Your Bloodstream (V)
  • Send Your Metabolism in Hyperdrive
  • Blast Belly Fat (VI)
  • Clamp Down Cravings & Control Your Appetite Naturally (VII)

“I’ve Tried Fat Burners Before… I Got Basically No Results… So Why Will BURN Work for Me?”

We hear ya…

We’ve all been in your boat – trying like hell to burn fat, dieting like mad, training hard every day… then when the results were slow, turning to “fat burners” to help us lose fat faster…

The only thing we lost was a bunch of money.

It is incredibly frustrating when you are doing everything right – knocking out your workouts, keeping your diet tight… and you’re still not seeing results.

This is usually because either your metabolism, your thyroid, or both, are suppressed.

Diet and exercise help, but to truly jump-start your lagging metabolism and thyroid, you need precise, powerful nutritional support.

This is where fat burners SHOULD help you break through and finally start losing fat.

Unfortunately, most fat burners on the market are filled with junk ingredients, fillers, and the lowest-quality (and quantity) thermogenics allowed by law. Supplement companies out to make a fast buck have taken advantage of you.

If you’ve been ripped-off by bad fat burners before, you’re not alone…

Here’s the good news, BURN will work for you (guaranteed).


Because each dose of BURN comes with a truck-load of fat-melting magic. Every single dose is bursting with the highest quality, most potent thermogenics on the planet

Each of BURN’s 9 Fat-Melting Thermogenic Agents Were Hand-Selected to Work Together to Destroy Your Body Fat from 3-Unique Angles:


BURN helps pull the fat from your cells. This is a key first-step in fat-loss. If you can’t mobilize fat (this often happens when your metabolism is slow), then fat-burning becomes near-impossible.


BURN then helps destroy your body-fat by revitalizing your metabolism. The faster your body can burn calories, even while at rest, the faster you’ll shred fat.


After pulling the fat from your cells, it ends up in your bloodstream. BURNS thermogenic agents incinerate the fat in your blood before it can be reabsorbed.

Introducing BURN’s Triple Fat-Melt Matrix Thermogenic Agents

Green Tea Leaf Extract:

If your metabolism is slow, burning fat and transforming your body will be impossible.

Green Tea Leaf Extract contains a powerful compound called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG helps your body break down norepinephrine – a neurotransmitter that plays an essential role in regulating your metabolic rate.

EGCG helps speed your metabolism and increases the amount of calories and fat your body burns, naturally. (VIII)


Caffeine is a true fat-scorching superstar. It helps speed your metabolism, increasing the amount of calories you burn by 13%, (IX) “mobilizes” fat by pulling it directly out of your cells, (X) and increases your performance & energy levels (XI)

Oh, and studies have shown that caffeine can DOUBLE your lipid turnover (the amount of fats your body can process and burn) (XII)

Acai Berry (euterpe oleracea):

Stop starving yourself. Stop battling non-stop cravings and a hyper-active appetite. Acai Berry has been shown to help your body break down fat and carbs while helping curb your urges to overeat. (XIII)

Animal studies show that Acai Berry may also help control your insulin levels (XIV)… an important part of fighting belly fat and love handles.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Want to curb your appetite, decrease your blood triglycerides (the amount of fat in your blood), and give belly fat the boot?

Apple Cider Vinegar helps your body digest food faster, controls your appetite, and has been shown to help burn the fat in your blood {XV} (working synergistically with caffeine to pull the fat out of your cells, then incinerate it once it hits your bloodstream)

African Mango (seed) (irvingia gaboneseis):

Irvingia Gabonesis Extract, the active ingredient in African Mango is rich in fiber, which helps you feel full. African mango has also been shown to help lower your cholesterol, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and promote fat loss – especially in your midsection (XVI)

Resveratrol Extract (polygonum cuspitadum):

Resveratrol appears to act on adiponectin, which has a direct effect on your body’s strongest fat burning hormone, Leptin. Adiponectin is produced by our fat cells and also helps us burn fat by improving our insulin sensitivity (XVII)

Kelp Leaf:

What’s the only thing worse than a slow metabolism when you’re trying to burn fat?

A slow thyroid. If you’ve been struggling to lose fat despite a good diet and training program, your thyroid might be suppressed.

Luckily, Kelp has been shown to help speed up (and re-regulate) your thyroid (XVIII)… helping you lose fat faster.


Grapefruit has long been used to aid in overall weight loss and blast belly fat (XIX)

Raspberry Ketones:

How much easier (and faster) could you lose fat if you could literally reach into your cells and literally pull the fat out before pulverizing it?

Raspberry Ketones have been shown to help your body eviscerate fat within your body’s cells. (XX)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Burn better than other “fat burners” on the market?

Quite simply, BURN contains ONLY the purest, strongest, fastest-acting ingredients in the world. This is how we can guarantee your results – because every single dose is jam-packed with the most-powerful thermogenic agents available.

Unfortunately, many companies cut major corners when it comes to supplements.

Quality ingredients (that work) cost a lot of money. To save money & maximize profits, many supplement companies use bargain-basement ingredients and load their products with fillers.

This means that you end up paying premium prices for worthless, ineffective ingredients.

BURN contains ZERO fillers, and delivers you the MAXIMUM effective amount of each proven ingredient in every single dosage. You get more fat-burning power for your money, and most importantly – you’ll actually get results, guaranteed.

Q: Is BURN Only for Bodybuilders? I Just Want to Lose Fat

BURN is formulated to help your body burn fat, regardless of your experience level or what type of training and diet you are focused on.

BURN can help:

Real People with Real Lives

When you’re busy with work and family, you don’t have endless hours to devote to the gym. And, modern life can get in the way of always eating clean. BURN is perfect for “regular” people looking to transform their bodies because while it can’t replace diet and exercise, it CAN help your body in fat-burning mode even when you can’t get to the gym or stick to your diet 100%.

Athletes, Crossfitters, Powerlifters, Bodybuilders

Don’t think that just because a fat burner works for non-athletes that it won’t be hardcore enough for you.

If you are into heavy Crossfit, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, or training for sports, BURN’s thermogenics will actually accelerate your progress, give you more focus, and turbocharges your energy to power you through your grueling training sessions.

Men AND Women

One of the best aspects of BURN is that it will deliver tremendous results to both men and women because the thermogenic agents in BURN raise your metabolism and rev up your thyroid function – keys to losing fat for women and men.

Beginners with a Lot to Lose

The first few weeks of trying to reshape you body can be maddening.

You’ve gone from over-eating to clean dieting and working out hard, but your measurements are moving slowly and the scale won’t budge.

If you have a lot of fat to lose, you can lose motivation in the early stages of your body transformation.

Luckily, BURN can help you reach your ideal body faster, much faster in fact, than dieting alone.

BURN’s thermogenics provide a potent kick-start for helping your body shred fat fast (and keep your fat-loss going strong until you reach your goal)

Q: Will BURN Make Me Jittery?

The only true stimulant in BURN is caffeine. If you can tolerate a cup of coffee, you’ll have no problems with getting jittery while using BURN.

Q: How Many Bottles of BURN Should I Get?

Consistency is key when trying to reshape your body.

To ensure that you get the maximum effects, we suggest you try BURN for at least 30-days, but you’ll see your most dramatic effects when you continue using BURN past your initial 30-days.

We recommend you go with at least 3 bottles, though getting 6 is a great idea because our supplies are limited and we don’t want you to run out just as you hit your fat-burning tipping-point.

Destroy Your Body Fat Forever… But You Must Act Now

BURN destroys your body fat from 3-unique angles: it pulls fat from your cells, then it incenerates the fat in your blood, finally BURN revs up your metabolism to keep your body in constant fat-burn mode.

Each capsule contains the proper effective dose of the most powerful fat burning and sleep-enhancing ingredients available on the market today.

BURN was created using only the best fat-loss ingredients in maximum-effective doses.

  • By targeting the fat burning process through a precise 3-step elimination process, BURN can help destroy fat at a cellular level… giving you the secret weapon for fat loss none of your friends know about.
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