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  • Easily Get Deep, Restorative Sleep
  • Destroy Sugar Cravings
  • Increase Your Leptin Levels & Make Fat-Loss Effortless

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Burning fat is hard.

You have to fight off temptation at every turn.

You have to push yourself through your workouts.

But let’s face it, we are all super busy, so there is only so much you can realistically do each day to help you reach your fitness goal……kinda

What if there was a way to burn fat 225+ extra hours per month…and all you had to do was sleep? Well there is…

Think about it… you work your tail off to burn fat while you’re awake – denying yourself your favorite foods, dragging yourself to the gym even though you’re exhausted from a tough day at work…

Then you sleep for 6 – 8 hours every night and let your body slip 100% out of fat-burn mode.

How much faster would you transform your body if you could reclaim all those hours by forcing your body to melt fat even while you’re sleeping?

BURN PM is Formulated to Help You Easily:

[01]Burns Fat All Night (I)

[02]Have More Energy to Kill It in the Gym (II)

[03]Improve Your Mental Focus (III)

[04]Skyrocket Your Metabolism

[05]Recover Rapidly from Your Workouts

[06]Crush Belly-Fat Building Cortisol (IV)

[07]Eliminate Your Sugar Cravings (V)

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How Can BURN PM Possibly Help You Burn Fat While You Sleep?

Seems like a dream, right?
Be able to melt body fat (especially stubborn belly fat) while you sleep… How can a fat burner deliver these kind of results in only 30-days?

Introducing BURN PM’s Exclusive Fat-Melt Matrix

BURN PM is a night-time thermogenic that uses 3 Potent Sleep Aids which work synergistically with 6-Super Powered Fat Scorching Ingredients all working together to help you recover more quickly, increase your energy, and burn fat all night long:

Burn PM’s All-Star Fat-Shredding Team

Vitamin D

Helps increase your Leptin levels(VI), increases your metabolism,(VII) and suppresses your appetite.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Helps control your insulin levels & keeps your insulin from spiking after high-carb meals. (VIII) Some studies show that CGBE can also help boost your body’s adiponectin levels {IX}(one of your body’s best fat-torching hormones)

Lemon Balm Leaf

Powerful sleep and relaxation aid, may also help improve your overall mood (XVII)


When you’re under stress or you’re sleep deprived, your body produces cortisol. This hormone has been linked directly to increases in belly fat, as well as overall weight gain.

L-Tryptophan is acts as a powerful sleep aid (XVIII) that can also crush Cortisol. (XIX)

Your body can’t produce L-Tryptophan… Luckily BURN PM gives your body a maximum dose of the highest-quality L-Tryptophan available so you’ll sleep better, destroy cortisol, and blast belly fat while you sleep.

Dandelion Root

Give painful post-meal bloating the boot. Dandelion has also been shown to help squash inflammation (X) that can increase your body fat and joint-pain. Because of the powerful flavonoids in Dandelion, they may also help you recover from your workouts faster.


Need to fall into a deep, muscle-recovery-boosting sleep? Melatonin can help you. (XI) Melatonin may also help your body produce “beige fat” which has been shown to help you burn more body fat. (XII) Remember, without sleep, you can’t recover – and you build lean mass and lose fat while you’re in recovery mode – this makes Melatonin a must if you want to get shredded, fast.

Raspberry Ketones

This powerful component helps speed-up your metabolism, (XIII) increase adiponectin levels, and may help grab fat out of your cells and pull it into your blood stream where it can be burned for fuel. (XIV)

Saffron Flower

Studies show that Saffron Flower helps hunt down fat in your blood stream, then helps your body burn it up for energy (XV). Saffron Flower works synergistically with Raspberry Ketones.

White Kidney Beans

These beans can help your body block excess starches from the food you eat from entering your blood, then converting to fat. (XVI)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If BURN PM is so great, why give it away for Free?

It’s because BURN PM is so amazing that we’re willing to give it to you for free.

We’re 100% confident that after you try your Free bottle of BURN PM for free, you’ll be so thrilled with your results that you’ll come back and get more – after all, who doesn’t want to burn fat while they sleep?

Q: Why is Burn PM better than any other fat burner on the market?

Unfortunately, many supplement companies cut major corners when it comes to supplements. Because effective, proven fat burning agents are expensive, these companies stuff their supplements with fillers and very little active ingredients.

This means that you end up paying premium prices for worthless filler ingredients.

Burn PM contains ZERO fillers, and delivers you the MAXIMUM effective amount of each proven ingredient in every single dosage. You get more fat-burning power for your money, and most importantly – you’ll actually get results, guaranteed.

Q: Will Burn PM Make Me Jittery?

No. Burn PM is formulated to help you feel relaxed, and fall asleep easily.

Q: How Many Bottles of Burn PM Should I Get?

Consistency is key when trying to reshape your body.

To ensure that you get the maximum effects, we suggest you try BURN PM for at least 30-days, but you’ll see your most dramatic effects when you continue using BURN PM past 30-days.

Q: Remember, you are getting one bottle absolutely Free…

We recommend you go with at least 3 bottles, though getting 5 is a great idea because our supplies are limited and we don’t want you to run out just as you hit your fat-burning tipping-point.

Q: Burn PM is Your Nuclear Bomb for Fat Loss. What are you waiting for?

Burn PM is the most cutting-edge, nighttime thermogenic fat burner available. Each capsule contains the proper effective dose of the most powerful fat burning and sleep-enhancing ingredients available on the market today.

Are you ready to burn fat, increase energy, increase your recovery, preserve lean muscle, suppress appetite, and improve your mood?

  • Burn PM will put your body into fat-melt mode around-the-clock by increasing the amount of fat you burn naturally, even while you sleep.

Burn PM was created using only the best fat-loss ingredients in effective doses.

  • By targeting the fat burning process through multiple pathways in the body, Burn PM attacks fat loss from every angle, giving you the secret weapon for fat loss none of your friends know about.

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