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Created by Vince Sant, world famous fitness model and co-founder of V Shred

Why Cut Calories When You Can Effortlessly Hack Your Metabolic Biology with What Scientists Are Calling"Epigenetic Fat Burning in a Bottle"

Right now you can save 20% on this fat melting Super Thermogenic Complex - guaranteed to retrain your body's metabolic machinery to remain in fat-melt mode forever.

Forget Old Fashioned "Fat Burners" That Rely on Cheap Stimulants and
Do Nothing More Than Thin Your Wallet:

BURN Activates Two of Nature's Most Powerful Fat Burning Mechanisms for Continuous, Long-Term, Rapid Fat Loss

Look, we created BURN because

We were fed up with seeing good, honest, hard working people like you get suckered into buying so-called "fat burners" that were stuffed with little more than cheap caffeine and suspect ingredients.

Even if you managed to avoid

The scammy supplements, you no doubt were told that the only way to lose weight - fast and for the long haul - was to workout like mad and essentially starve the weight off.

We know where that leads...

Frustration, yo-yo dieting, and a crushed metabolism that made losing weight damn-near impossible for you.

Forget all that...

You're about to get your hands on the new evolution of fat burning technology

  • With BURN, you are entering the future of fat loss...
  • Fat burning on a cellular level...
  • Hacking your metabolism to switch "on" the internal receptor responsible for releasing fat from your cells to be used for energy...
  • This means more efficient fat burning, rapid results, and finally melting fat forever.

Introducing the Fiery Super Nutrient Thermogenic Complex
That Slams Down the "On" Button on Your Body's
Two Most Powerful Internal Furnaces - TRPV1 and B.A.T

Failure to turn on these cellular thermostats will leave you struggling to starve off the same 10lbs over and over again...

No matter how many diet and exercise books fatten up the shelves of Barnes and Noble telling you that the only way to lose weight is to essentially starve yourself while spending half your day in the gym, the truth is there's a faster, easier, scientifically supported way to quickly and easily burn fat and keep it off for good.

In fact, two groundbreaking studies by researchers at Harvard and Johns Hopkins University revealed that not only does excess dieting and exercise backfire, but that there's a way to actually change your biology, shifting your body from fat storage mode to fat melt mode...



First, by using specific nutrients to activate a receptor deep inside your cells called TRPV1.

Think of TRPV1 like a nuclear thermostat. When it receives the signal from specific nutrients, it instantly activates, sending out seismic heat waves inside your fat cells.

Your fat cells sense this heat and release adipose (fat) tissue to be used for energy.

You can also activate TRPV1 with brutally hard exercise, but this effect only lasts as long as you're in the gym...

So unless you have 8+hours a day to workout, you need to flip that switch in another way...

CAPSIMAX - Unleash Lava on Your Fat Cells

Maybe you've heard about using capsaicin to raise your metabolic rate.

Well, imagine if you could take run-of-the-mill capsaicin and bathe it in nuclear powered plutonium...

We're talking a new generation of capsaicin that not only raises metabolic rate, but has been shown to instantly activate your body's TRPV1... giving you immediate, relentless fat loss.

You can unleash this super powered capsaicin on your fat cells thanks to a revolutionary ingredient in BURN called CAPSIMAX.

Remember, unless you're willing to exercise day and night, the only way you can activate TRPV1 is with CAPSIMAX.

CAPSIMAX was also shown to:

  • Reduce perceived hunger (fat loss is infinitely easier when you don't feel hangry all day long)
  • Ramp up resting metabolic rate (burn fat while at rest)
  • Activate TRPV1 for efficient fat loss (without cutting excess calories or working out nonstop)
  • Improve waist-to-hip ratio (attack belly fat, love handles, and stubborn hip fat)

Set Your Fat On Fire: B.A.T

Once your body is continually cranking up the heat with TRPV1, it's time to blast your fat cells into oblivious with nature's hottest burning internal furnace, Brown Adipose Tissue (B.A.T).

B.A.T. is a special type of adipose tissue found in small animals and babies that help keep them warm.

For decades, scientists believed that B.A.T. was active solely in babies...

Until they stumbled upon an amazing super nutrient called Grains of Paradise Seed.

See, these scientists were studying uses for these grains and they accidentally discovered that they actually re-activate B.A.T. in adults.

OK, you're probably thinking, that's cool, but what does this mean for me?

  • The Grains of Paradise Seed

    In BURN will reignite your B.A.T. stores, giving your body a secondary furnace that unleashes intercellular lava on your body fat.

  • It's truly amazing what happens to your body

    When you activate both TRVP1 and B.A.T. ... even people who've struggled their whole lives to lose weight are suddenly dropping body fat, even in stubborn areas like love handles, belly, chest, hips, and upper arm, faster than they ever dreamed possible.

    And, they're keeping the fat off long term...

  • Here's the thing...

    BURN would be infinitely more powerful than any other fat burner on the planet if it contained nothing more than CAPSIMAX and Grains of Paradise Seed.

However, we didn't stop there... We want you to drop fat fast and keep it off forever. That's why we added 3-additional thermogenic powerhouses:


EGCG is a powerful thermogenic adaptogen found in mega-doses of green tea.

Because you'd have to drink GALLONS of great tea per day to get results, we've distilled EGCG for you into a highly concentrated form.

In one study, participants using EGCG along with a diet plan lost fat 301% faster.

  • Women dropped 12% on the BMI scale, and lost 3-dress sizes!
  • Men slashed fat fast and moved down 4-belt notches!


How cool would it be to tap into your body's neurotransmitters to burn excess calories while at rest?

Rauwolscine helps ramp up your body's production of noradrenaline, which forces your body to torch extra calories while you workout...

But more importantly, you'll also burn a boatload of calories while at rest.


Caffeine is one of the true fat-burning all-stars.

It's been used for almost a century as a diet aid. Unfortunately, it's been abused by most supplement companies that rely completely on caffeine to help you lose weight.

However, when you allow caffeine to work synergistically with CAPSIMAX, EGCG, Grains of Paradise Seed, and Rauwolscine, you complete the 5-pronged attack on body fat, destroying it for good.

Even Your Most Stubborn Body Fat Won't Stand a Snowflake's Chance in Hell

We formulated BURN specifically to help bust up stubborn body fat deposits.

Each and every thermogenic agent in BURN is precisely dosed to work synergistically to keep your body in fat melt mode damn-near 24/7.

Plus, these thermogenics help you keep the weight off after you burn fat.

All ingredients are tested by an independent 3rd party laboratory to ensure maximum potency.

  • Every bottle of BURN is tested at multiple points along the production line.
  • All label claims are independently verified.
  • Each and every bottle of BURN is backed by a Lifetime, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Crazy, right?

Most old world fat burners promised the world, but had zero guarantee.


If you are not completely, jaw-droppingly blown away by your rapid results, simply email us and we'll gladly refund every penny of your purchase.

No questions asked.

How can we make such a bold guarantee?

Because our return rate is below 1%... that means over 99% of customers love BURN and keep coming back for more.

You can test drive BURN completely risk free.

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