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Created by Vince Sant, world famous fitness model and co-founder of V Shred

10-Seconds a day is all it takes to unleash your body's natural, biological fat burning machinery on your stored body fat.

  • Forget starvation diets and crazy workouts that leave you painfully sore for days.
  • BURN is here to force your body to naturally incinerate fat on a cellular level..
  • BURN's thermogenic agents not only push your body into fat melt mode, it also continues to destroy fat cells after you've reached your goals.
  • This means you can kiss yo-yo dieting goodbye.

What Can BURN Do for You?

  • Activate TRPV1 to Slash Fat Cells

    Harvard researchers discovered TRPV1 receptors in your body can actually tell your cells to release fat to be burned for energy. BURN activates your TRPV1 receptors for enhanced fat loss.

  • Increase Brown Adipose Tissue

    Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) acts like a million tiny thermo-nuclear furnaces, making it the holy grail of efficient weight loss. If you want to destroy fat cells forever, you MUST increase your BAT.

  • Rev Up Resting Metabolic Rate

    Why give up your favorite foods forever or suffer through starvation diets? BURN boosts your resting metabolic rate, helping you melt fat even while you're at rest.

  • Slash Fat 301% Faster

    One of BURN'S potent thermogenic agents was shown in several studies to burn fat up to 301% faster.

  • Drop Inches, Not Water Weight

    Stop starving off a few lbs of water weight... start losing inches. One of BURN's active ingredients helped participants in one study drop 3-dress sizes, and 4-belt notches.

Real People, Mind Blowing ResultsCustomer Reviews:

I've been using it for about 6 weeks and I love it... I'm down 16lbs and 12 inches.

-Becky, 44

One month in on Burn and down 32 pounds.

-Anthony, 29

Taking it the last 3 days I have lost 6 lbs.

-Rick, 42

Works for me... I only take one (capsule). Lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks.

-Cathy, 45

I ordered BURN and been on it three days and loving it!!! No side effects and it is working! The scale is going down.

-Rachelle, 33

Been using it with great results, weight loss and a nice energy boost.

-Telly, 55

It's helped me and no side effects that I have noticed. I've been losing weight steadily and it's helped give me more energy.

-Kathryn, 41

6-Elite Thermogenic Agents Are Jam Packed Into Every Single Dose of BURN


A British study found that Paradoxine helped subjects produce significantly more BAT. If you want your body to burn fat damn-near around the clock, without reducing your calories, you need as much BAT as possible.


Harvard researchers discovered that capsaicin helps activate TRPV1, which forces your cells to release fat to be used for energy. Unfortunately, most capsaicin is destroyed by the stomach. Until now.

Thanks to CAPSIMAX's OmniBead technology, you can now allow fat-releasing capsaicin to enter your bloodstream, fast. This means relentless, round-the-clock fat burning without extra exercise plus an elevated resting metabolic rate.

Rauwolscine and Yohimbine

Yohimbine helped athletes in one study increase fat loss by a whopping 30%.

Rauwolscine revs up your body's production of noradrenaline, a neurotransmitter that helps signal your body to burn fat at a rapid rate.


Better known as EGCG, this thermogenic powerhouse helped participants in one study speed up fat loss by an amazing 301%. Women dropped their BMI by 12% and lost 3 dress sizes! Guys slashed 14% off their waist, plus 4-belt notches.


A long time fat burning superstar, we added caffeine to help reduce your appetite, crush cravings, and speed up your metabolic rate without extra exercise. Don't worry, this is a relatively small dose of caffeine, and will not make you jittery.

60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. Manufactured in the USA.

Guaranteed Rapid Results How BURN Helps You Lose Fat Fast

Consume BURN Daily

All it takes is 10-seconds every morning to unleash lava on your fat cells. Pop two caps before breakfast to stoke your metabolic fires and active your body's natural fat melting machinery.

Prepare Yourself for Rapid Fat Loss

Give CAPSIMAX and Paradoxine a few days to gain a stronghold in your body. They'll switch your body into constant fat-melt mode quickly. Meanwhile, EGCG, caffeine, yohimbine, and rauwolscine will work synergistically to jump start your resting metabolic rate, and attack stubborn body fat from multiple angles.

Real People, Mind Blowing ResultsCustomer Reviews:

Been using it for a while now, between meal prepping and Burn I'm down 12 lbs. It really helps with a boost of energy and hunger control. I take one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

-William, 49

It really helps me with cravings and appetite control I've noticed. I really like it.

-Jennifer, 35

I've been using Burn for about 2 weeks. Haven't started any exercise program because I wanted to test Burn. But from that alone, I'm definitely down in weight.

-Justin, 26

I take them and am not a big caffeine person at all I didn't take both like your supposed to at first until I adjusted but I have more energy and I'm less hungry throughout the day.

-Andie, 31

I've been taking Burn off and on for 2 months and it works very well!

-Jim, 27

I've used Burn. It's helped me trim a lot more fat. If you use the supplement correctly, it will benefit you in the long run.

-Matthew, 33

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will BURN work for me? +


We formulated BURN to help anyone burn fat fast.

If you have anywhere from 10 - 50+lbs to lose, BURN serves two essential roles:

  • It kick-starts your metabolic rate, helping you gain momentum from the start.
  • BURN activates TRPV1 and BAT, helping your body effortlessly burn body fat darn-near around the clock without eating less or exercising more. This helps you experience both rapid AND long-term results.

If you need to scorch that last layer of fat, BURN attacks fat from multiple angles, putting you on the fast track to shredded.

Don't forget, your order of BURN is backed by a 60-day, 100% guarantee.

How quickly will I see results taking BURN? +

While everybody is different, most people report feeling more energy and experiencing faster fat loss within the first week.

However, research shows that the longer you take these clinically dosed ingredients, the better they work. This is why we recommend taking BURN for at least 30-60 days before deciding if it's right for you.

Is BURN guaranteed? +

Yes. In fact, BURN is so powerful that we offer it to you with an unconditional, 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

This means that if you are not blown away with your rapid results... if you don't love watching belly fat disappear...

If you aren't thrilled with your body quickly transforming and your stubborn body fat finally vanish...

Simply email our 24/7 customer service team, and we'll gladly refund your entire purchase. No nonsense. No questions asked.

How Many Bottles of BURN Should I Order? +

BURN works fast. You'll enjoy rapid results, and you'll see some jaw-dropping changes with just one bottle.

However, we strongly encourage you to order a 3 or 6-month supply because:

  • You'll save up to 51% by buying a 3 or 6-month bundle.
  • BURN is popular. It sells out often. Do you really want to lose your results and allow fat cells to regrow because BURN is out of stock and your body isn't receiving the thermogenic support it needs to continue scorching fat?
  • BURN's fat-melting powers grow stronger the longer you utilize it. Plus, BURN is formulated to not only burn stubborn body fat, but keep it off long term, making it a perfect part of your daily diet plan.