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BURN is a potent natural fat burner supplement blend designed to burn fat, increase energy levels, and suppress your appetite. BURN is a thermogenic formula that helps to supercharge metabolism, burn calories, and torch body fat.

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Skyrocket Your Metabolic Rate, Long Term

  • Force Your Body to Produce Belly-Fat Blasting B.A.T
  • Mobilize Your Fat Cells, Then Incinerate Them
  • Increased Energy, Zero Jitters
  • Suppress Your Appetite Naturally
  • Iron-Clad, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
ATTENTION: If You’re Struggling to Lose Weight with Diet Alone, Or You Need an Unfair Advantage to Melt That Last Layer of Fat, a New Scientific Breakthrough Will Help You QUICKLY and EASILY   Turn Your Body Into a Fat-Melting Machine
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Introducing the Lighting-Fast, Ultra-Easy Way to Unlock Your Body’s Hidden Triple-Thermogenic Powers

Force Your Body to Torch Stubborn Body Fat From the Inside-Out, Destroying Your Fat Cells on Three Essentials Levels for Guaranteed Rapid Results

Losing fat ain’t easy…

If you’ve been trying to lose a lot of weight, or if you’re trying to get rid of that last layer of stubborn fat, you know that burning fat without losing hard-earned lean muscle can feel almost impossible.

  • Wait, isn’t it just as simple as eating less calories and running more?
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Oh, if only it were that easy!

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The truth is, it doesn’t matter if you’re a woman trying to burn belly fat…

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Or a guy with a lot of weight to drop…

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Or an experienced athlete who wants to get ripped…

The reality is, the ability to burn body fat without losing precious lean, toned muscle is flat-out difficult.

For decades, it was almost impossible for most people.

Until now…

Introducing the Key to Unlocking the Triple Layered Lava Assault on Your Body Fat

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Diet and exercise are important. You must follow a diet plan that works with your body if you want long-lasting results.

The problem?

Diet and exercise alone are simply not enough… unless you’re one of those lucky, genetically-gifted people who can lose weight while eating whatever they want…

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Frankly, if getting lean were as simple as cutting calories, there wouldn’t be a whopping 95% failure rate for dieters.

The truth is,

to incinerate on your body fat fast, and keep it off forever, you must unlock your body’s natural fat-burning abilities.


By unleashing three powerful cascades of lava-like fat burning power INSIDE your body

Sculpt Nation’s BURN, the next generation Thermogenic, goes light-years beyond the simple calorie burning that old-style fat burners promised…

BURN severs the chains that hold back your body’s fat-melting powers, and helps your body destroy fat cells on three essential levels:

six bottles of burn thermogenic supplement
bottle of burn thermogenic supplement

1. Force Your Body to Produce the Coveted B.A.T

  • BAT stands for Brown Adipose Tissue.
  • Wait, BURN makes your body produce fat?
  • Don’t worry, Brown fat is the Holy Grail of fat-melting power.
  • Most of our body fat is white. It’s unhealthy, useless, and cold.
  • Brown adipose tissue, however, is blazing hot.
  • In fact, BAT’s entire purpose is thermoregulation. {1}

When you force your body to produce more BAT, it can actually infiltrate your unwanted body fat cells and begin burning fat from the inside-out.

  • See, when we’re children, our bodies are loaded with BAT. It’s essential because it actually BURNS white fat as we grow.
  • Without BAT, large deposits of fat can easily set in…
  • For decades, scientists believed that only children and the genetically gifted were blessed with BAT.
  • However, new scientific breakthroughs show that you can help your body produce BAT at any age.
The trick?

You have to consume essential nutrients that lead to the production of body-fat busting BAT.

BURN is loaded with those nutrients…

2. Elevate Your Metabolic Rate

If you want to slash fat fast, and keep it off, you must increase your metabolic rate.

We’re not talking about simple calorie burning.

Increasing your metabolic rate means you are actually boosting your body’s long-term ability to melt fat for fuel.

Adding more BAT burns fat internally, but BURN’s other all-star thermogenics will stoke your body’s fat-burning furnace, cranking it up, and clamping it on high so you continue to burn fat continually.

3. Rip Fat From Your Cells

BURN sends your metabolic rate soaring… Now it’s time to free the fat trapped within your cells.

BURNS thermogenic agents reach into your cells and rip the fat right out.

  • See, the problem with old-style, ineffective fat burners is that they simply burn a few calories, and any fat that is mobilized is left in your blood. After a day or so, that fat finds a new home somewhere else on your body!

With BURN,

once that body fat is freed, it’s launched into your bloodstream to be incinerated and used as energy.

This means those fat cells are annihilated, and can not simply resettle in another part of your body.

Ingredients and Dosage

Research-backed ingredients provided in their proper doses.*

Meet BURN’s All-Star Thermogenics Team

Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract (Capsaicin)

  • Improves Circulation (transports warm blood to “cold” fat areas of your body, like your love handles)
  • Helps You Lose More Fat & Maintain More Muscle While Dieting (according to a groundbreaking study by The Journal of Advances in Therapy) {2}
  • Generates Body Heat and Increases Metabolic Rate (University of Maryland researchers found that Cayenne helps burn excess calories on two levels!) {3}
  • Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels (helps your protect your body from fat-causing blood sugar spikes)
  • Ghrelin Suppressor (Ghrelin regulates your hunger. Cayenne keeps Ghrelin under control, making it an amazing natural appetite suppressant) {4}

Yohimbine Hydrochloride and Rauwoiscine

  • Boost Lipolysis (fat burning) {5}
  • Increase Serum Levels of Free Fatty Acids DURING & FOLLOWING Exercise (mobilizes your fat cells so they can be used for energy) {5}
  • Work Synergistic with Caffeine & EGCG (for more powerful fat mobilization) {6}

Grains of Paradise Seed Extract

  • Activates Brown Adipose Tissue (blow-torch body fat from the inside-out) {7}
  • Increases Energy Expenditure (extra fat-burning without cutting calories) {8}
  • Visceral Fat Buster (helps blast belly fat) {7}


  • Fat Mobilizer (helps release fat from your cells, making BURN a perfect pre-workout supplement to melt extra fat while you train) {9}
  • Increases Energy by Blocking Adenosine (have more energy to train and tackle your day while dieting) {10}
  • Raises Metabolic Rate (more fat burning power without eating less) {11}
  • Short and Long-Term Fat Loss (get your dream body faster, and hold onto it) {12, 13}

EGCG (Epigallocatchin Gallate)

  • Jam-Packed with Polyphenols (anti-inflammatory effects help you recover rapidly from training)
  • Boosts Metabolic Rate and Mobilizes Fat (jack up your metabolism and pull fat out of your cells to be melted-down for energy) {14}
  • Increases Fat Oxidation (studies show a significant increase in the amount of fat your body can burn) {15}
  • Natural Appetite Suppressant (keep hunger at bay naturally, making dieting so much easier) {16}
  • Belly Fat Destroyer (helps decrease central body fat) {17}
  • Increases Norepinephrine (boost your body’s fat-burning hormone for rapid AND long-term fat loss) {18}

BURN Will Help You Torch Body Fat – Guaranteed


It’s clear that if you’re ready to finally easily melt fat and have the lean body you’ve always wanted, BURN will help you get there, fast.

BURN attacks your body fat from three essential pathways, and helps blast fat cells from the inside out.


We’re so confident that BURN will help your body fight fat on all three essential levels that we’re offering it to you with a No-Questions-Asked, 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

BURN is the Nuclear Bomb for Fat Loss. What are you waiting for?

If you’re not blow-away by your rapid results, simply email us and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase.

Zero Risk.
Simply take BURN for 60-days and enjoy jaw-dropping fat loss.






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