Promote Healthy Sleep, Recovery, and Energy Levels

  • A Healthy appetite
  • Restful, Restorative sleep
  • Optimal Metabolism

BURN PM is designed to put your body to sleep and into fat-melting mode all night long.

Because BURN PM is packed with both powerful fat-burners and relaxation & recovery agents like L-Tryptophan and Melatonin, you’ll be able to easily fall into a deep, restful sleep which helps stimulate your body’s metabolism.

How to Melt Fat All Night Long with BURN PM:

BURN PM destroys your body’s fat reserves by:

1. Promote your body’s
#1 Fat Melting Hormone, Leptin(1, 2).

Studies show that how many hours you sleep directly affects your production of Leptin.(3)

Sleep too little, or too lightly, and your body’s fat burning machinery shuts down.

BURN PM helps you fall into a deep sleep, which can maintain healthy Leptin levels, and promote burning fat.

2. Leptin is your body’s fat-burning Superhero.

Cortisol is the Super Villain… and it’s intent on making you fat especially in your stomach & love handles(3)

Cortisol is produced when you’re under stress and tired.

It increases your sugar cravings, increases your appetite, and puts your body into fat-storage mode(4)

Losing sleep has been shown to increase your Cortisol levels.

BURN PM’s fat loss ingredients Are designed to kick your body out of fat-storage and into fat-melting mode.

Plus, the sleep-inducing ingredients help squash Cortisol and increase Leptin.

How Your Body Will Benefit from BURN PM:

6 Ultra-Powerful Fat-Nuking Ingredients- BURN PM doesn’t simply rely on stimulants like most fat burners. Instead, BURN PM helps you drop a nuclear bomb on your body fat by attacking it from all-angles with 6-super powered fat burners.

Appetite Suppression- Lack of sleep has been linked to fat gain and increased appetite(5). BURN PM helps support healthy sleep patterns while its active ingredients mobilize fat and start burning it for energy.

More Energy, Better Recovery, Less Cravings- The quantity and quality of your sleep directly affects your metabolism, energy levels, and fat-burning ability. They can also help you recover faster from your workouts, and quality sleep has been shown to crush sugar cravings.

Premium Ingredients and Dosage- Research-backed ingredients.*

What Makes BURN PM So Powerful: Science & Research-Backed Fat-Melting and Sleep-Promoting Ingredients

Maximum Dosage For Maximum Fat Burn:
(We do not cut corners)
  • Have you tried fat burners before, but were disappointed in the results?
  • The sad reality is that most fat burners on the market contain very few effective ingredients.
  • Adding in actual proven fat burning substances is expensive.
  • So, to maximize profits, they load each dose with useless fillers, then they rely completely on stimulants to make you “feel” something after you take it.
  • They are literally nothing more than outrageously-overpriced coffee in pill form.


doesn’t use stimulants.

In fact, each dose is jam-packed with fat-burning and sleep-enhancing ingredients. We do not use fillers.

This means that you get the absolute maximum level of fat-destroying ingredients with each dose - this saves you money, time, and helps you put your body transformation into hyperdrive.


Research-backed ingredients.*

BURN PM’s All-Star Fat-Shredding Team

Raspberry Ketones

The chemical makeup of raspberry ketone shares some similarities with the well-known weight loss ingredients capsaicin and synephrine. Raspberry Ketones have been shown in animal studies to eviscerate fat within cells(6)

It has also been shown to produce Adiponectin, a protein used to regulate metabolism and help prevent fat accumulation inside fat cells. Combined with regular exercise and proper nutrition, Raspberry Ketones has the potential to supercharge fat loss.


L-tryptophan can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and is converted to serotonin. Researchers believe this may explain the sedative effects of this essential amino acid. There is also interest in using L-tryptophan to promote satiety.

White Kidney Beans

Want to stop your body from converting starches to fat? Exercise helps burn off excess starches from the food you eat, but unfortunately, there will always be some left in your bloodstream.

White Kidney Bean contains enzymes that prevent starch from being digested by alpha-amylases in the small intestines. Human studies suggest inhibition of alpha amylase decreases carbohydrate breakdown and absorption and could result in consuming fewer calories. Preliminary clinical research shows White Kidney Bean may reduce appetite by suppressing ghrelin secretion. Ghrelin is a stomach-secreted peptide that increases appetite.

Lemon Balm Leaf

Remember, sleeping deeply every night helps curb cortisol levels, which helps your body get out of fat-storage mode while turning on your body’s fat-burning machinery. Lemon Balm has been studied for its ability to help support a healthy stress response and healthy sleep patterns.

Saffron Flower

Saffron Flower is loaded with special antioxidants, including crocetin and crocins.

Novel extracts of Saffron are being studied for their capacity to reduce appetite and promote a healthy body weight.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Animal research suggests green coffee bean may prevent body fat accumulation and weight gain and human research indicates the active compounds could have a positive effective on appetite.

  • Boost fatty acid oxidation(14)
  • Increase lipolysis inside fat cells(15)
  • Elevate levels of plasma adiponectin(14)

Why not just drink coffee? Unfortunately one of the important compounds Chlorogenic Acid is destroyed when coffee is roasted. Luckily, we’ve isolated this powerful phenolic compound and loaded a maximum dose into BURN PM.

Dandelion Root

Sick of feeling bloated after you eat? Do your protein shakes make you feel like you swallowed a balloon?

Dandelion Root has been used for hundreds of years as a digestive aid. It has also been traditionally used to help support liver and kidney function. Evidence from animal research suggests dandelion has diuretic activity.


Melatonin is a powerful natural sleep aid. However, helping you quickly fall into a deep, restorative sleep is only a small part of how Melatonin can help promote fat burning.

  • Animal research indicates Melatonin can actually help burn body fat by increasing a special type of fat. Seems contradictory, but Melatonin may increase “Beige” fat.(16)
  • Beige fat has been shown to increase thermic-sensitivity to exercise. Quite simply, this fat may help shred more fat with every workout.(17)
  • Every dose of BURN PM gives your body the Melatonin it needs to help you fall asleep, and promote beneficial Beige Fat.

Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol

Want to increase leptin levels, suppress appetite, and supercharge metabolism around the clock?

Studies from around the world have shown that Vitamin D plays a major role in how much Leptin the body produces.(17) Vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to increase fat and weight gain.(18)

It also helps blunt your appetite by telling your brain that you feel full. One study in Australia actually showed that people who ate a breakfast high in Vitamin D reduced their appetites dramatically for the next 24-hours!

BURN PM contains a healthy megadose of Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol, your body’s preferred form of Vitamin D, the same type that your skin cells synthesize from sunlight to help your body produce more Leptin, and burn more fat.

BURN PM is Your Nuclear Bomb for Fat Loss. What are you waiting for?

BURN PM is the most cutting-edge, nighttime thermogenic fat burner available. Each capsule contains powerful fat burning and sleep-enhancing ingredients available on the market today.

Are you ready to burn fat, increase energy, increase your recovery, preserve lean muscle, suppress appetite, and improve your mood?

BURN PM was created using only the best fat-loss ingredients.

By targeting the fat burning process through multiple pathways in the body, BURN PM attacks fat loss from every angle, giving you the secret weapon for fat loss none of your friends know about.

We GUARANTEE that BurnPM will be the most effective fat loss supplement that you will ever use…or your money back.


We guarantee that our customers get nothing but the purest, safest and highest quality fat burning ingredients available. We will NEVER sacrifice quality and we are willing to put our money where our mouth is to prove that…

All of our supplements undergo rigorous, 3rd party testing to verify label claims. Plus, all ever supplement is tested at multiple points from start to finish. This means every does is packed with the strongest, highest quality ingredients for you.


Stop wasting your money on under-dosed, weak fat burners that are ineffective and flat out don’t work. Get serious long term results, 24/7 with BURN PM, and finally get that ripped physique that you’ve always wanted!

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