Increase Muscle Fiber Growth, Burn More Body Fat

  • Demolish Post-Workout Inflammation
  • Force-Feed Your Muscles the Super Nutrients They Need for Rapid Recovery
  • Triple Creatine Complex for More Strength, More Endurance,
    and Faster Recovery Between Workouts
  • Crush Post-Workout Catabolism
  • Perfect for Men and Women Who Want to Get Leaner and Stronger
  • We AGONIZE Over Ingredient & Flavor Quality - You’re Getting Only Elite Quality Ingredients in a Flavor So Fantastic You’ll Be Tempted to Drink It All Day Long
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ATTENTION: If You Are Missing The Magic 60-Minute Post-Workout Window, Your Results Will Grind to a Screeching Halt

Your Body is Starving for Nutrients Post-Workout, If You Want Truly Jaw-Dropping Results, You Better Supply Your System with the Super-Nutrition It Craves

Unleash the Essential First Wave of Super-Nutrients That Accelerate Your Results, Easily Add Lean Muscle, Melt Fat & Force Your Body Into Rapid-Recovery Mode

Burst Open Your Nutritional Floodgates for Lighting-Fast Results

Want to get leaner, faster, stronger, and build your dream body in record time?

You better feed your body the nutrients it craves after every single workout…


if you don’t open the floodgates and saturate your system with the super nutrients post-workout, you may be severely limiting your gains.


when you train hard at the gym, on the track, or on the field of play, you are actually damaging your muscles.


when you train hard, you’re causing “micro traumas” in your muscle fibers and muscle cells.


your muscles might sound bad, but if you immediately get to work on repairing those micro traumas post workout, you’ll experience incredible results.

If, however, you’re like 90% of the people who hit the gym, and you allow your body to remain starved of essential nutrients, you can be sure that you’ll be living in a Catabolic State after each and every workout.

Catabolism means your body is breaking down and wasting its own muscle tissue. Whether you’re just looking to lose weight, increase your athletic performance, or get shredded, catabolism is your enemy.

How can you avoid falling into a catabolic free-fall post workout?

Feed your muscles FAST…

The faster you send in a flood of nutrients to your damaged muscle fibers, the faster your body can repair them.

This is how muscles grow, how strength is built, and how results are multiplied.

Without proper post workout nutrition, you may be leaving your muscles damaged and vulnerable… and progress will be near-impossible.

Micro Muscle Damage & Post-Training Inflammation DESTROY Your Progress

Rapid Recovery = Rapid Results

Sculpt Nation Post Workout formula helps set the anabolic stage in your body after you train.

The super-nutrients in Sculpt Nation Post helps you gain lean muscle, lose fat, enhance endurance, build strength, and increase performance because they help you recover rapidly post-workout.

Remember, you want to heal those microtraumas as quickly as possible.

When you do this, your body is able to train harder, longer, and more often.

You know that to get the lean, strong body you want, you need to train hard and train often.

If you’re constantly walking around tired, stiff, and sore, you’ll never make any progress.

That’s why we’ve loaded our Sculpt Nation Post Workout formula

with essential super-nutrients that force your body to switch from a catabolic state into full-blown recovery & rebuild mode, immediately:

ActiGin & AstraGin: All-Natural Inflammation Killers

ActiGin, highly purified, pharmaceutical-grade strains of Panax notoginseng and Rosa roxburghii have been shown in scientific studies to significantly reduce the post-workout inflammation in your muscles for a whopping 4-days after your workouts!{1}.

ActiGin works synergistically with AstraGin, a panax notoginseng, astragulus membranaceus root, and saponin extract mix to help squash inflammation and get nutrients to your muscles quickly after training.

  • ActiGin was also shown to increase your Vo2 Max, increasing the time you can train before becoming exhausted.{1}
  • In fact, a study in the Journal of Ginseng research found that ActiGin can increase your high intensity endurance performance by getting rid of aging, non-dividing muscle cells while stamping out exercise-induced inflammation and improving your muscles’ glycogen storage.{2}
This makes ActiGin perfect post training because it will help you recover faster, but also help boost your performance in your next workout!

Mighty Muscle-Minerals: Replenish, Refuel, Results

We didn’t stop there…

we’ve teamed ActiGin up with our proprietary Mineral Complex to stomp on the recovery accelerator.

See, when you workout hard in the gym,

on the field, or on the road, you deplete your mineral reserves rapidly.

If you think that

eating clean provides you with all the minerals you need, consider that studies found that pro football players and Division 1 athletes, some of the top performers in the world, were woefully deficient in zinc and magnesium!{3}

But consuming a potent mix including

magnesium, zinc, manganese, and selenium, in a highly bioavailable form, your body absorbs them quickly, replenishing your muscles and further reducing recovery time.

Unlike generic,

one-size-fits all multi-vitamin & mineral tablets, our Post workout was formulated specifically to rapidly replenish the exact minerals your body needs after training.

No junk fillers.

No chemical bindings to slow down absorption. Just the perfect mineral cocktail to get your body refueled and ready for more.

Creatine Complex - HCL, Monohydrate 200 Mesh, Anhydrous: Upgrade Your Strength, Endurance, and Recover to Build a Bulletproof Body

Ah creatine. A few years ago, it changed the game.

It was the first supplement to come backed with a decade of scientific research AND results in the gym.

But, then a slew of me-too companies popped up, selling creatine with all the quality of moldy baking soda.

Suddenly, creatine stopped working for millions of men and women who were looking for an edge, something that could help them perform better, lift more weight, run faster & farther, blast body fat, and build their dream bodies.

If you were burned by bad creatine, you are not alone.

However, I have great news…

Sculpt Nation Post Workout is jam-packed with only the highest quality, pristine creatine. And, to make our creatine even more powerful, we blended the strains with the highest bioavailability and solubility to deliver you a Creatine Complex that will:

Increase lean muscle fiber growth

(creatine signals key pathways in your body to produce new muscle fibers){4}

Boost strength and stamina

(Creatine Complex helps replenish your ATP stores rapidly){5}

Build Bullet-Proof Endurance

(increase peak power output - go harder, longer){8,9}

Send your body’s levels of Insulin-Growth Factor 1 soaring

(IGF1 helps your body produce more muscle, burn fat, and increases your performance){6}

Add lean muscle, faster

(one study showed creatine users gained 4.4lbs more muscle than non-users){7}

Because your body tends to absorb creatine more effectively when consumed with protein and carbs, post-workout is the perfect time to take your Creatine Complex. Researchers agree: one study showed that consuming creatine post workout is “superior” to taking it pre-workout.{10}

If you want fast, explosive results by refueling your muscle cells post workout, Creatine Complex is the perfect addition to your Post-Workout recovery cocktail.

By the way…

if you’re worried about post-workout carb spikes making you fat, don’t worry, Sculpt Nation Post Workout formula also has L-Carnitine, a super-nutrient that helps:

  • Enhance post-workout carb-induced insulin spikes effect on your muscle cells.{11}
  • Keep your glucose levels low, even when including fast-acting post-workout carbs
  • Burns fat by helping your mitochondria your body transport fatty acids into your mitochondria where they can be burned for fuel.{12}

The Small Window of Opportunity Immediately After Your Workouts is ESSENTIAL to Your Success - Don’t Waste It

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been training for a while and are hitting frustrating plateaus. You can accelerate your results by upgrading your post-workout nutrition.

Faster recovery
more lean muscle
faster fat burning
increased endurance
power output

All can be yours when you feed your body the nutrients it needs after training.

Don’t waste another workout by consuming sub-par post workout nutrition!

Your Results are 100% Guaranteed - ZERO RISK, All Reward

We’re so confident that Sculpt Nation Post Workout formula will multiply and accelerate your results that we are offering it to you with a 100%, Iron-Clad, No-Questions-Asked, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you’re not thrilled with your results, simply email us and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase.


We guarantee that you will always receive nothing but the purest, safest, and highest-quality ingredients in all of our supplements. We refuse to sacrifice quality or use inferior ingredients in order to pad the bottom line. This is why we offer you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on all supplements.