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ATTENTION: Stop Wasting Workouts by Training While Exhausted...

pre workout

Finally, a PRE-WORKOUT So Powerful It’ll Make a Triple-Espresso Feel Like a Sleeping Pill

Discover the Path to Endless, Explosive Pre-Workout Energy with No Crash & ZERO Jitters:

  • Destroy Muscle Fatigue & Increase Muscular Endurance (get more reps, build more muscle){1}
  • Boost ATP Production (recover rapidly between sets){2}
  • Annihilate Fatigue & Crush Every Workout, Every Time (train harder, train longer, accelerate your results){3}
  • Kick Start Your Metabolism Pre-Workout (burn extra fat without dieting){4}
  • Drives Your Nitric Oxide Levels Through the Roof (huge pumps, more Growth Hormone){5}
 pre workout stack

Every Workout Counts
Don’t Waste Even a Single Rep Training While Tired

exhausted life

Work, school, family & social responsibility, and just dealing with the world can leave you exhausted before you even step foot in the gym.

drag through workout

How many times are you going to force yourself to half-heartedly drag through a workout?


Are you really willing to waste workouts because you let fatigue stop you from having your dream body?

PRE-Workout supplements have taken a huge nosedive in quality lately. You can’t even feel most of them because they’re nothing more than Kool-aid with Caffeine.

A Grown-Up PRE-WORKOUT Energy & Nitric Oxide Booster - Because Coffee Just Ain’t Enough

Caffeine is a great tool when getting yourself physically and mentally prepared to tackle your workouts...

It helps improve your mood and elevates your energy levels.

The problem is that

when you’re really tired - exhausted, sleep deprived, or just beaten down by a bad day - caffeine alone won’t give you the explosive energy you need to blast through your workout.

However, when you add caffeine to a mix of super-powered nootropics, you destroy fatigue on a chemical & cellular level.

pre workout

Several of the Nootropics in PRE actually help block the absorption of Tryptophan by your brain. Tryptophan is the amino acid that knocks you out after you eat Thanksgiving dinner. Tryptophan is found in Turkey, and just about all meat-based protein sources.

pre workout

Rather than just give you a jolt of cheap, brief energy, PRE actually wipes out fatigue before your brain can even signal your body that you’re tired.
This means explosive, long-lasting energy with no crash.

It means more reps with more weight…

more miles
It means more miles which could mean
more lean muscle
more lean muscle
more strength
more strength
more fat burning power
more fat burning power

4-Ways PRE Makes You Feel Unstoppable in the Gym

1. Increases Your Muscular Endurance & Gives You Eye-Popping Pumps

L-Citrulline not only helps promote powerful muscle pumps, it also acts like a vacuum inside your muscle cells, sucking-up ammonia and other byproducts that cause fatigue, soreness, and muscle failure.{6}

Studies show that Citrulline may also help lead to stronger muscle contractions.{8}


In fact, Citrulline has been shown to increase the body’s rate of oxidative ATP production during exercise… PLUS a big boost in the rate of phosphocreatine recovery after exercise.{7}

This may help you pump out more reps, more sets, more weight, and recover more quickly between workouts.{9}

As if Citrulline weren’t enough of a turbo-charge for your workouts, we’ve added in Beta-Alanine and Citric Acid Anhydrous to help you blast past plateaus, get more reps, and increase your endurance.

Citric Acid Anhydrous

has been used for decades as a buffering agent, helping blunt the effects of acids in the body.

Remember, when you feel the “burn” that makes your muscles cease, lactic acid is to blame. Citric Acid Anhydrous helps throttle the entrance of lactic acid into your muscles, quickly improving your muscular endurance.

Studies by the International Society of Sports Nutrition show that

Beta-Alanine acts as an “intracellular pH buffer.”{10} This means that Beta-Alanine can help blunt the effects of lactic acid, which may help you to knock out more reps, run farther, and train for longer periods of time without fatigue.

2. Jolts Your Brain’s Energy Centers Into Action


l-tyrosine L-Tyrosine improves alertness while producing important brain chemicals that actually aid your brain’s communication with your nerve cells.

l-tyrosine And, perhaps most importantly L-Tyrosine helps block the movement of L-Tryptophan and other sleep-inducing chemicals, from entering your brain.


l-tyrosine Tyrosine is also a precursor to the production of norepinephrine and epinephrine, both are powerful brain chemicals that help jolt your nervous system into action.{11} They act like a splash of iceberg-cold water directly to your brain.

l-tyrosine It’s so powerful that even the U.S. Military has put it to use in the field to help soldiers become more resilient to extreme stress.{12,13}

Tyrosine teams up with Caffeine 98%, a super-charged form of caffeine found in tea leaves. It has all the benefits of caffeine:

  • Increased metabolism {14} and fat mobilization {15}
  • Improved cognitive function {16}
  • More energy

But, because Caffeine 98% comes from organically grown tea leaves, you get the burst of energy and metabolic boost without any of the chemical impurities that come with many commercially-produced coffee products.

Plus, we’ve added L-Theanine to help improve your mood and regulate your brain’s arousal centers.{17}

With L-Tyrosine protecting your brain from sleep-causing chemicals, L-Theanine boosting your mood, and Caffeine 98% providing a calorie-torching energy burst, you’ll feel unstoppable.


3. Support Muscle Power

betaine boost muscle power

Betaine can act as a methyl donor in the formation of creatine in the body, and therefore may support athletic performance and exercise tolerance. Betaine might also promote muscle oxygen consumption or extraction.

4. Revs Up Your Metabolism

Caffeine 98%

sends your metabolic rate skyrocketing.

fat burners
Caffeine has long been used in fat burners

because of the powerful effect Caffeine has on increasing your metabolism and lipid oxidation (fat-burning). {20}

blast your metabolism
Caffeine teams up with

Betaine to blast your metabolism with a powerful 1-2 punch.

supports homocycsteine levels
Betaine supports

It is suggested that dietary betaine intake may be linked to skeletal muscle mass. Research in middle-aged adults shows that those with high betaine intake have less loss of skeletal muscle mass.

Plus, Citrulline helps

increase your body’s Nitric Oxide levels, which may increase your Growth Hormone (GH) levels. {21}

Isn’t It Time You Give Your Body the Pre-Workout Super-Potentiation It Deserves?

If you’re ready to take your results to the next level…

If you’re sick of walking into the gym tired, groggy, and sore…

If you’re trying to get your dream body, and you’re fed up with wasting workouts because you let your fatigue destroy your training…

Then it’s time to ditch the over-caffeinated Kiddie Kool-Aid supplements and upgrade to the grown-up, Pre Workout supplement that does more than just give you the jitters.

Grab the Pre-Workout that jolts you awake, then supplies your body with a steady supply of powerful, long-lasting energy.

More reps. More strength. Support recovery. Increased fat burning. Better mental and physical performance. No crash.

If You’re Ready For Real, Rapid Results, Choose the Pre-Workout Guaranteed to Help You Crush Each & Every Workout

  • Stop struggling through your workouts.
  • Stop trying to combat your extreme mental & physical fatigue with plain old coffee.
  • PRE WORKOUT is here to supercharge your body and mind.
  • One dose 45-minutes before your workout is all you need to go from ready for a nap to setting new personal records in the gym, on the track, on the field, and on the scale.
Remember, your results are 100% Guaranteed… you have nothing to lose except mental fog and results-crushing fatigue


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